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    Highlights Widening of lower rate tax band by €750Reduction of USC rates from 2.5% to 2% and 5% to 4.75% and increase in the second rate bandHome Carers Tax Credit increased by €100Earned Income Credit increased by €200Comments The changes will mean that a single person earning €30,000 p.a will...
    Cuts Costs: The direct costs of processing payroll can be reduced by outsourcing to a payroll provider. Outsourcing removes the various costs of employing someone to do the job including the hidden costs such as Employer PRSI, Annual Leave, etcFree up Time: If you decide to process your own...
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    At RCR we understand that most business owners would prefer not to spend their precious time doing their book-keeping, filing Tax Returns etc. We generate value for our clients by combining technology, experience and people to give businesses a full range of book-keeping and Tax Compliance services in a simple and cost effective way.


    We are a provider of general book-keeping services in the North Wicklow/South Dublin areas. We specialise in Income Tax, VAT, RCT and Payroll and can offer a tailored solution to all your Tax requirements.


    We also assist in obtaining Tax refunds for individuals on the PAYE system.


    We offer transparent and competitive rates for both one off customers and repeat clients. Our book-keeping experience includes working with individuals and small companies.


    With a combined experience of over 40 years with the Revenue Commissioners we are ideally placed to help you navigate through the sometimes complicated world of book-keeping and Tax


    Give us a call now and we will quickly and efficiently help you sort out any accounts or Tax headache that you may have.



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    Below are a list of the services we can offer you:

    Tax Returns

    We prepare and file Income Tax returns with Revenue on your behalf. You provide us with all the information we require and we handle the rest. We will tell you what you owe (or maybe even what you are due back) and answer in layman terms any questions you have. It really is that simple.

    VAT Returns

    We prepare and file VAT returns on a 2 month, 4 month, 6 month or Annual basis. Ensuring that your returns are accurate and most importantly that you have claimed all VAT deductions that you are entitled to. You provide us with the information and we do the rest.


    Take the hassle out of payroll by outsourcing. We handle all legal requirements and engage with your staff directly including providing payslips. We are always here to answer any questions from both you or your employees.

    Tax Refunds

    Ever feel like you have paid too much tax? We can review your tax payments for the last 4 years and ensure that you have claimed any deductions you are entitled to or were not the victim of any errors in the allocation of tax credits etc. We offer a personal approach explaining your entitlements and best of all if you are not due any refund there will be no fee. We cannot be fairer than that - you have nothing to lose so why not give us a go?

    Relevant Contract Tax

    For those in the construction sector the operation of RCT is a time consuming affair and the cost of getting it wrong can be significant. We offer a full service in respect of RCT for both Principals and Sub-contractors. We will register contracts, notify payments and file returns. We can also assist in obtaining a lower RCT rate where appropraite

    Outsourced Financial Control

    Allow us look after all the financial aspects of your business for you so that you can focus on working. Whether it is issuing invoices, pursuing payment, engaging with suppliers, performing bank reconciliations we can do it all and much more. Allowing you to do what you do best - make money!

    Why not talk to us and see how we can help you?

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    Strachan, 1A Knocknagow Ln, Oldcourt Park, Oldcourt, Bray, Co. Wicklow, A98 KH68
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